In Waiting: A poem

Here is a poem,
Weak yet undeterred.
Between you and I
Who holds the truth?
Pray, not I.

Have you ever wondered
If you’d ever see
ideas and ideals
told in different tales
blooming at noon in May?

The breeze from the East blew
bringing a sweet aroma of home
A hint of days long forgotten.
You close your eyes as you recall
the pictures departing into the blue.

Here lies the sea
but wait,
’tis too soon to retire
To land unknown.


Of dreams and fancy


Engrossed in, day after day
A celebration of dreams and fancy, revered
The dwelling long to retire
to a distant land.

‘Twas a visitation I have long design to ignore
Leaf after leaf, the pen engaged
Like a feather in the open wind
whispering to mine ears.

On a dewy day in spring
As the primrose bask in the morning sun
Allure to the serene countryside, none to remark upon
Seven, I was.

In summertime, the cold is not condemned
Don’t you fear the rage of winter?
The innocent lamb to lead the way
For a lesson too dear.

Post exam: The South Campus delight

I wrote the last paper of my second semester examination yesterday and as expected the paper didn’t go so well considering the amount of studies I put into the prep. Jokes apart, with exam over and done away with, I once again will live the life of a bird for a while. Apart from the many to-do lists, updating this blog is one. This came a little late but I had to respect the need for sleeping after so many hours and days of stress and anxiety breakdown. The conventional schedule of an examination is to have gap days between papers allowing enough time for students to make a last revision. As a Literature student, the syllabus is a truckload and even though I have managed to cover almost all the primary texts during the semester, the last paper happened 48 hours after the second last and that is nowhere healthy to stressful students during exam. I thought I was screwed and what happens next is at the beginning of this post.

If you have been following my other posts, you’d be aware by now that I am very much a procrastinator. I am aware that it is not productive despite the fact that it is not uncommon to students but then what can I do to beat it. I tried to read a lot. The South Campus library…wait!

This blog is going to be about how awesome my campus is. But seriously, the main campus of Delhi University is overrated and the lesser known South Campus deserves more praise. One may think this will be biased because of my personal attachment as a resident of the latter. I pray, read on. I have no grudge against the main campus at North and I am not trying to make any false claim regarding the other. The main campus certainly has more perks and advantages as compared to the other. Heck, I even had to take the metro to North Campus twice a week because my optional Philosophy paper and the Internal Assessment lectures took place only at the main campus this semester. I had to struggle rising up an hour early than usual so that I do not missed my IA classes.

In DU, admission to a post-graduation course is done through a common entrance test. Admission through merit-based is applicable for students who graduated from the university itself. Since I did my undergraduate from University of Delhi itself, I applied both and when the admission list came out, I was assigned an option to choose either the bustling main campus or the lesser-known quiet campus near Dhaula Kuan (Apology for the cliché LOL). I chose the latter and it was a not a bad choice. The beginning of a semester is a time of enthusiasm for every student. The fact that North Campus is the hub and the first option to many, it came without surprise when few friends who go to lectures at North Campus whine over the case of over-crowded classroom in the summer of Delhi. At the other campus, there was a sense of quietness and serenity which was a safe escape from the busy city. The same lecturers alternate between the two campuses to give the same lectures, everything was average, or in other word normal, apart from the other class being less crowded and more genial, if  I may say.

For an undergrad, it is certainly the main campus at North which wins the argument for some obvious reasons. The colleges in South Delhi are scattered as opposed to the close-knitted colleges around North Campus. However, at the post-grad level, the jackpot turns. The South Campus of the University (the area) is for students pursuing Masters and above and it is this exclusivity which makes it a class apart. As a resident living on campus, I have had my share of experiences and truly, the serenity it offers is overwhelming. Delhi is a busy city and I sure am at awe with the noise and the lights from cars and the traffic at night, yet at heart I am still a boy from the country and I will always love the calm.

From the many arguments I can make, I can…[na, keep it].  There are hundreds if not thousands of generic post comparing between North Campus vs. South Campus of Delhi University and it never gets old and I am tired, [everybody is] of seeing them not actually comparing the campuses but merely comparing outside factors like Satya and GK over Kamla Nagar for food, hangouts, metro accessibility and whatnots. To undergrad, such comparisons are valid on many levels but as a post grad student and an on-campus resident, it just doesn’t make much sense to me.

Can I at least rant about the awesome canteen and the South Campus library and all those green lawn? Just a little bit, okay. A bank, an ATM, a post office, a health centre, photocopy shops, a library, a canteen that actually sells ice-cream, all within the campus and at walk-able distance, what more can one ask for. The South Campus Library which stays open till 12 midnight is a spacious three-storey building with so many good books and it definitely is a place for an amazing on-campus experiences. Unlike the Central Reference Library at North where you have to wander around for hours to find a seat to sit, there is no need to fight for a spot in the library at South Campus. Honestly, South Campus is awesome. Look!

Source: UDSC-Student Union Facebook page

The Arts Faculty Building

The Campus in Winter. Source as first

Hidden gem inside the campus.Source as first

Men’s Residence [Saramati and Aravali]

[All pictures are mine unless stated otherwise]

In my last post, I mentioned a little bit about my dorm. Not a lot has changed. But the temperature has increased a lot more. My room is on the third floor aka top floor and the inhabitants of this floor are men from planet Mercury. I am trying to stay indoor as much as possible as to go out during the day is a business I had to think twice.