February 2017: Me, at 22

After a hiatus of nearly a year, I am writing and the fact that I am updating this blog deserves a moment of applause, of whatever worth this might be, hmm, it doesn’t really matter, I am just glad I decided to be here and type in all let’s-see-what-comes.

A lot has happened over the past many months since I last updated. I graduated from college, got admitted to university for another 2 years of study, took several trips out of the city, visited my village back in Manipur to spent the winter holidays with families and friends, made new friends, lost a few, create many cherishing memories, regrets, oh, the list goes on. Hah! On reading what I’ve just written, I realized my life is not as boring as it seem to be. It is actually kinda interesting, I say ‘kinda’.

As of February 2017, I am living on the third floor of a university dorm. My room has a window with a view of the beautiful sunsets. Wait, ‘beautiful sunsets’ in Delhi? Well, sunsets in Delhi can never be as beautiful as the sunsets back in the North East, the region where I came from.

Talk about sunsets, but here is a picture of a beautiful sunrise in Manipur

Talk about sunsets, but here is a picture of a beautiful sunrise in Manipur

I live in the city, I share a room with a student who is doing his MBA, the room has a view, the food in the mess is decent (hmm really?), I have friends, beautiful and handsome friends, more than what I asked for; yet I missed home, particularly the food, and the warm fireplace, and the clean air, the cool evening breeze, the starry, yet calm and peaceful nights.

Just the other day, I had a chat with a friend who teaches at a school in Manipur. It was around 5 pm in the evening and just had my evening snacks of samosa and tea. At that time on the other side, she just had her dinner. Our country just have one time zone in spite of its huge east-west geographical stretch (you know the map of India). There is a huge difference in daylight hours between this city and where I came from. What also struck me was the weather. During the day, while scrolling through my News Feed on Facebook, I came across a news report stating that Delhi has the hottest February in years with temperature rising up to 32C (link). February and the mercury already hitting 30+? Hmm, it sure is going to be an interesting year. In Manipur, it was raining since the last 24 hours. Oh! I missed the rain.

Last December, I wrote the first of four semester examinations and it went all out of control, the result of which is yet to be declared, but I know it is not going to be a pleasant one. I took the blame because I called for it. I missed numerous lectures, tutorials and presentations, all because I didn’t really care, or did I? After the exam, on realizing the fact that everything was all because I did not handle the way it should have been, I kinda (I say kinda) resolved that I will do better this time, and that I will have to learn to take responsibilities better. This semester, up to this time, I have been trying to make sure I attend as many lectures as I could, and I am pleased that I have attended more lectures than the whole of what I attended last semester. Woah!

I am still procrastinating. I have to read 4 plays of Shakespeare, also of Molière’s and Gogol‘s and I have a presentation on The Tempest and another one on Shelley, an internal assessment exam on PHIL216 in less than a month, several readings and bibliographies that I need to compiled. By updating this blog, am I simply making up another excuse to escape from my actual work?


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