Goodbye to my Undergraduate Life

Last Friday, I sat the last exam of my 3 year undergraduate life at the University of Delhi. The feeling post-examination is nothing but pure excitement. The freedom I felt is unfathomable. My answers weren’t the best but for the fact that I procrastinated A LOT, it might not be fair to say that I regret with whatever I’d written in the examination hall. I pray for the one who will checked my scripts to go *boom*. Okay.

When I first get admission at Venky, I never knew my life will be changed on a scale this big. Thinking back to the beginning of days three years ago, everything is so different now. I entered the gate of this college without giving much thought what it will taught me four three years later. (My course was first suppose to be a four year course program. but it change to a 3 year course later). The journey has been a pleasurable one. It is not without denying that there are no hiccups on the way, but at the end of the day, the experiences I’ve had has taught me a lot about life.

I still remember the first time I came to Venky for admission. Even though I was eligible to apply in many other colleges under the University, Venky kind of stuck in my head and never once did I think of changing my mind. However, there was a problem. A big problem. I was a student of Science in my higher secondary and there was to have a 5% deduction in the overall percentage if a student were to take a course in Humanities which I decided to, after going through a lot of confusion over what to do with my life just months before. When I saw the second cut-offs of Venky, I thought I was eligible and came to apply. However, I learned that some of my papers in my secondary schooling weren’t considered elective under the new system and hence, there was to have a further deduction of 2.5%. It was all too complex for me to digest. I think I cried with silent cry. When the fourth cut-offs came, the admission committee called me up on the phone and said there was a lone seat available and I can take that. I believe it was fate.

I think one of the reason that the University of Delhi is so well known is its numerous attempts to reform the education system. When I came, the university implemented the erstwhile FYUP (Four Year Undergraduate Program). The university in spite of its claim of the advantages of the 4-year over the traditional 3 years program, the new system was controversial from the beginning and after a year, it got defunct and the old system was rollback. The infamous FYUP of the University of Delhi is history and ironically I am happy that I was a part of it. In my first year, each of us was given a laptop for free *Yayy* which they took back after a year *Booo*. The fact that both the batches before and behind mine follows a structure that is different from my batch, we got promoted easily. The foundation course, as they were called, were really foundational. Attendance wasn’t a big issue. Such was FYUP. R.I.P.

Assignments, presentations and internals are not an easy load for any college student. Like I said at the opening of this post, I am a master of procrastination and without me explaining the details, you might well have guess the pain I’ve gone through to meet deadlines every now and then. The feeling of accomplishment after everything is done is pure bliss.

Life at Venky has been amazing. I’ve met a lot of amazing people. Venky with its diverse crowd is one of the coolest in the University and it stands out as one of the best colleges in South Campus. There are students from every corner of the country. There are few foreigners as well. Indeed in my first year, I had a classmate from South Korea. I also shared a class during the second semester of FYUP with students from Maldives, Afghanistan, South Africa and Nepal.

The annual fest NEXUS is considered one of the top 5 fest in the university. Though I could not attend the fest this year due to an unforeseen incident in the family, I’ve seen from earlier experiences that NEXUS has a name that can’t simply be ignored. I was not active in any of the societies, but I noticed the ever happening events in the campus. Venky never sleeps. In my second year, along with some of my seniors, we were able to revived a defunct North East Students’ Society in the college in the dawn of the situation that students from the region faced in the capital. I put myself to ‘N-E-soc’ and it was here that I met some of the bestest people in the whole of my 3 years of college. One of the credit for me successfully completing three years of undergraduate life goes to this.

I’d missed the silence of the first floor of the library and the noise of the reading hall. As a literature student, I’ve spent a considerable amount of time shuffling pages after pages from this building. The walk through the romeo’s lane to the canteen is memorable, you’d feel like you are walking a ramp. The ever-kind photocopy ‘bhaiya‘, the ever-busy canteen ‘bhaiya‘, the strict security guard at the gate, I’ve started missing them. As I write this, I remember how in my first year, I was coming out from the library the guard at the library gate struck up a conversation with me. He asked me where I stay and I told him I stay in Kishangarh (Vasant Kunj)with my brother, he said he lived there as well and saw me there the other day. We spoke for around 4 minutes in total awkwardness for the fact that I don’t know how to speak Hindi and he isn’t comfortable with English. It is strange how such little talks find itself a place down memory lane.

To the perspective of a typical college student, Venky has its own weaknesses. The office administration of the college is one thing I’d never understand, but I’ve heard it is just the same with every other college across the university. Forgive me, but it sucks. Standing in long queue for hours to take a signature while the office staff don’t seem to understand that precious time are wasted, important class are missed and energy are spent. The college did goes through certain improvement along the way. Payment of fees went online, so did the records of attendance and internal marks. One thing I’d appreciate most happened in the last semester. Without going through the heat of Delhi’s May to get our admit card just days before exam, we were able to download our admit card online.

Though it is very likely that I’d attend university for a master course until I figure out what to do with my life, my undergraduate life is over and that feeling make me sad. It also make me feel old, damn those days as a freshman. I’ve learn a lot about myself and of the world, and on the way I’ve grown to a more matured person. The experience of college is life-changing. The whole journey has been a roller-coaster.

Class of 2016. The FYUP Batch. My watch has ended (GOT fans will understand)

Thank you Venky.

P.S. My laptop of 4 years died 3 weeks ago beyond recovery, I’ve been too broke to get the data from it + I don’t wanna be too demanding to ask for a new one yet, hence no photos for now.


5 thoughts on “Goodbye to my Undergraduate Life

  1. Robinson Kipling says:

    Congratulations for your new stage. I believe your result would be better than anyone else in our society. You know I always trust you and hope and expecting the best from you.
    Last but not the least RIP to your loppy!


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