Delhi: Fifth Semester and Mosquitoes

It has been a while since I last posted. Two months, it has been two months. A lot has happened since then. This blog of mine was set up to keep a track of the beautiful journey I am undertaking. I feel it is my duty to make an entry tonight. I am a terrible procrastinator. I should write about home, my summer, my journey on the train, etc. etc. I should have written about my vacation but doesn’t it feel kind of a bit old-fashioned, now that almost a month has passed since I came back to Delhi and my fifth semester started two weeks ago? Just read on and let us see how this goes. My class starts at 10:30 everyday unlike 8:45 in last semester, thus saving me an hour of precious morning sleep. Did I tell you that I stay in a hostel in the outskirt of North Delhi while my college is in South Delhi? I spent over 3 hours commuting back and forth every day. Anyone who has heard this for the first time never stops to ask why I live so far away. I often wondered myself why. Well, for starters, the hostel where I live is affordably cheap, maybe a half of what I’d have to pay in South Delhi for a hostel with accommodation, water, fridge, TV, table, bed, chair, and the like. Hey, wifi too. Oh yes, the hostel finally has wifi as well. Plus point. Haha. Now you know the reason why. While we are talking about this, let me also remind you this place is a heaven for mosquitoes. Ahh, negative point. Once in a while, I sleepover in South Delhi and enjoy my six/seven/eight hours of sleep in the most peaceful manner. I cannot have the comfort of availing that much hours of peace here in this hostel. Save the mosquitoes, the atmosphere here is calm and serene and beautiful. Unlike the Delhi we knew, the sound of traffic is unknown. The unceasing honking of cars on the road is silent around here. After a long day with all the traffic, the noise, and the like of a city, this is one place where we can relax peacefully. There are open spaces all around. The place is nature friendly with trees and green all around. Therefore, mosquitoes. Period.

On an unrelated note, I also wish to let you know that I love traffic light at night. Such weird romances, huh. I know.

People says Delhi is the worst city for a North-easterner to live. Delhi is the only city I have been to/lived outside of North East so I can neither agree nor deny to this assumption. Every city will have its beauty. In the eye of a Northeast being, Delhi offers a lot more than what we actually expect. It has many historical significant places/buildings, numerous parks and greenery, shopping and malls, colleges, good transportation, etc.

It has its dark side too, like sanitation, traffic jams, and in our context, racial and sexual discrimination. Have you ever got stuck so bad in Delhi’s unending traffic and you just feel like barging out of the car/bus and just shout the hell out of it? There are unfortunate days in a week when there are professors who will not allow you to come in to class even if you are late by a second. There are several roads in Delhi where every human beings who know how to drive wanted to go through those routes. The RTR Marg from Munirka to Moti Bagh is one. It is a hell.

The Delhi I know is kind to me. It has been treating me pretty good and I am charmed. Few days ago, a friend asked me a place I’d settled after I get a job. I responded “Delhi”.


2 thoughts on “Delhi: Fifth Semester and Mosquitoes

    • kakho says:

      Save Delhi, I have not gone to any other big cities. From what I’ve heard, any Indian city has a lot to offer to a traveler. I bet this is true. It has its charm and [and its curse]. It is a poorly written post but yeah, here you see a side of Delhi unknown to many. Cheers!!


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