The Curious Case of Happiness


This is a conversation between son and daddy. Read on, this is amazing…

Dad, what is that?

That’ s a cow, my sugar pie.

Cow? what does it do?

It gives us milk.

But Dad, it’s our milkman that gives us milk.

Yes, but a milkman gets milk from the Cow.

Dad, why doesn’t the cow gives us milk directly?

Son, a cow cannot take out its own milk.

That’s strange, if we can take out milk from the fridge, why can’t they?

Because it is an animal and so animals are not smart like us.

Are we smart, Dad?

Yes, we are.

Then why don’t we produce our own milk?

Because we are not an animal.

But Dad, you just said we are smart, why can’t we do things that animals do?

My son, we are meant to do other things.

Like what?

I’ll tell you that tomorrow.

Why not today?

Because I need to go to office.

But don’t you go to office everyday?

Today I’ve got so much work to do.

Don’t you do your work everyday?

Yes my son, but today I have extra work.

Why do you have extra work?

It happens, sometimes you have extra work and sometimes you don’t.

That’s unfair, I never get an extra chocolate. Then why do you get extra work?

Because work and chocolate are two different things.

How are they different, Dad?

Work is what we do and chocolate is what we eat!

How is chocolate made, dad?

Chocolate is made with milk and cocoa.

Is it made with cow’s milk?

Oh yes, it is!

That means we need cows to give us chocolate.

Kind of.

Then why don’t we call them smart?

I was wrong, my son. They are smart.

And why do we call them animals if they are smart?

Here, daddy could not give the answer. Children are born curious. They have a question for everything they see and experience. You will run out of answers much before they run out of questions.


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