Battling exam, summer and games

From what seem like an eternity, here is a post update. I wonder what triggered me to blog today. It’s not that I have a lot of time in my hand. In fact, my fourth semester examination started today. If someone were to asked me how’d it goes, I don’t have a ready answer. How the paper really goes will be known after the result is declared. (Hint: The paper was British Romantic Literature, meaning there were questions form poems of Wordsworth, Keats, Coleridge and Shelley, which also means confusion between poets. BAD). I still have 3 more papers to give before I’d get myself released for two months break.

Sometime I used to think proud of myself that I have a blog and that I can write anything on it. But what do I want to write? This question keeps poking in my head and my mind goes to nothingness. I have my next paper due Monday, which means I have 2 days for revision. And boy, I need a much longer gap between papers, but again I love the feeling of doing it away, releasing them from my head to their ultimate freedom after each paper. It is a win win situation, I’d freed them and get over it, they get their freedom as well. In the future if we were given a choice of freedom when to write our exam, I will surely choose to appear everything at once. Well, let’s talk about this another fine day, for now, let us look into what I have been doing and how I am doing with my life.

Life seem to be doing fine, but hectic. Let us say this exam has been keeping me busy lately. I have been reading a lot which is a thing normal during exam season. Though the reading is limited to my course books, it is legit to call it reading anyway.

Every morning – oh wait, I am usually out of my bed only at noon, so – every noon when I open my eyes to the not-so-exciting day that lies ahead, the heat of Delhi’s summer waits for me. I have written two, maybe three posts about my grudge against Delhi’s summer. The PG where I stay does not provide AC, so we have to battle the heat with fan (and water cooler). It gets worst when we had to go out in the open during the day. The scorching heat of the sun burn us to the bones. Today, my phone weather reports the maximum at 42°C, and it is likely that this is not the top it will go. God save me!

It is interesting how we get addicted to some games in our phone. I remember when I first own a smartphone, I downloaded Flappy Bird. The graphic sucks, but many got addicted and the developer had to shut down the game (the news says)! There are many other addictive games and sad to say, I am a victim to some. Angry Birds, Temple Run, Candy Crush and the latest one being Clash of Clans aka COC. I am so into the game that I made a custom Tee.


Naga by default

Oh, the wifi? Got nothing to put it on the back, so thought it looks cool that way. The caption reads “follow me for free wifi”

Here is me wearing the tee:

naga by default

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