Post-Christmas: A not-so-good start of a new year

A month ago, I was packing my baggage for the Christmas holidays. Even though I had to travel for around 48 hours by train to reach my home back in the North East, the excitement that carries with the feeling of meeting old friends, the simple thought of Christmas, and the feeling of being home exceeds all. After a prolong wait for the semester exam to get over, I  wished my friends an early “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year”, bade goodbyes and zoom away.

However, by the time I reach the train station, I got to know that my train was delayed for 5 hours and 15 minutes. The train was supposed to depart at midnight. I chose to stay the night at the train-station. I wandered around the station for a place to sit/stay. There were other people too, but they seem to take comfort in sleeping their night away. I was not familiar spending the night that way and I couldn’t sleep. The cold added to my sleeplessness. The chilly winter cold of Delhi can be daunting, it bites you to the bone. It was a long night. The ordeal ended the next morning.

A month later, I am back to my hostel in Delhi. The cold still bites and I waited for that time of the year where the cold is left with no courage to bite you any longer. It is not summer. I do not mean Delhi’s summer, mind you. I love winter, and hate it at the same time, so is summer. Every season has its two sides, probably this is what nature is meant to be.

My fourth semester started a week ago and yet I have not attended a single class so far. I rarely go out of my hostel the whole week and instead my days revolved between watching movies, eating and sleeping. I do not know how to say it, or I if there is a medical term to call it, but lately mt body got very weak. Heck, I could not even stand on one leg. I have difficulty stepping to my bed from the floor, I could not rise up from bed without my hand as support. And so yesterday morning, I decided to go to college. I was a little late and I do not want to miss any classes on my first day, so I tried to run just when I neared the metro station at GTB Nagar. I had forgotten about the weakness. I lifted my right leg, and I realized then that I couldn’t lift my left leg like I used to. I stumbled and as I do not have the strength to support myself, fall flatly on the ground. I do not feel any pain at first, maybe partly because of embarrassment or there was no injury or so I thought. However, few minutes later, I started to feel the pain on my left toe. I removed my shoes to check if there was blood or anything as such on my socks. Everything look fine and so I moved on and went inside the metro. Few stations later, the pain become more painful and soon it was unbearable and I started to feel nauseous and dizzy. I knew then something was very wrong. I stepped out of the metro at the next station, rest for a while to regain myself, removed my socks, and behold the nail on my big toe was all dark, ohh, what a sight. I had stumbled on something hard. I took first aid, bought enough meds and pills and slowly went back to my hostel.

I have had a couple of rough nights. 4 days on, I am feeling a little better today. I do not know how long it will take before I am out of this ordeal. What a bad way to start off my semester. And by the way, my strength seem to have come back to me. I can stand on one leg, and do all the things that I wasn’t able to do few days ago.


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