Winter cold, semester exam and Christmas nostalgia!

It is November, which means 2014 will soon end. The days are getting shorter and colder. Days like these makes me long for summer, yet the summer of Delhi is not the kind of summer any living soul will ever wished for. The mercury will rise very high at times. There are days when the news says people died because of the heat. Such days make me wishes for winter to come soon. And so winter came, but with its arrival came the cold. It is a hard case.
It is still November and the cold is but beginning, it will go away mid-April when the summer starts its business of warming everything up again. Because the weather of Delhi is either too cold or too hot, the weather from October to mid-November is the kind of weather to call the best. In this regard then, the weather today is fine, though I am wrap in a blanket even now and the time is past-noon.

The cold won’t get any better so yeah, here is a quick update on what is going on. My third semester examination will start in less than a week. I am supposed to be studying, but well, here I am. It is a pleasant surprise to find myself updating this at a time like this when my examination is near. It has been months since I last posted anything on here, and if not for the exam, I would have happily ignored that this blog is still in existence.

In view of the examination, classes have been dispersed few days back and I am saved from rising up early and facing the cold in the morning for the time being. I stay in North Delhi and my college is in South Delhi and I spent over an hour in travelling. I alarmed my phone clock to 6:30 am so that I don’t miss the 8:45 am lecture. The task of attending the first class had become extremely difficult with each new morning as winter approaches. However, since the University required a student to have a minimum attendance of 66% to be able to appear the semester exam without any complication, I had to attend as much as I could lest my attendance falls below the requirement. I had missed some classes for reasons known and unknown in the course of this semester. Update: My attendance stand at 69.29%!

The exam will end in the first week of December. The word “December” brings to me the warmth thought of Christmas which alone is nostalgic. With semester exam nearing, this thought could be dangerous. Last year, I spent my Christmas here in Delhi. Though it did not matter much where I stay, there is something amiss being away from home for Christmas. Something is incomplete. The nostalgia and the memories of childhood attach with the festivities is missing in a city I cannot called mine. Being born and grew up from the hills in some sleepy village in Manipur, the Christmas I had as a child is associated with many sweet memories. Christmas season means I get to travel to town and city, buy new dresses, toys and sweets. Unlike last year, I have booked my ticket to home for Christmas. But first, dear God, please help me write my exam in peace!


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