Summer and movies and plans

My second semester exam got over two weeks ago. As I came out of the exam hall, like every other day after exam, I was asked how my paper went. I would give the same reply every time every day – not so good, but the best I could do, wait for the result. To be honest, my preparations were not at all satisfactory for all the papers. There were gaps for days between papers, best suited for movie marathon instead of studying. Isn’t it ironical why a boring movie can be exciting during exam season?

A question I seldom asked myself why I never bother to update or post more often in here. When I first began, it all seem alluring but after a while, it died down. This line seems relatable with human relationship, ahhh… There might be many insidious reasons why I didn’t bother to post here. It might be because this blog is boring (fact, anyway), or it might be because I was busy (No, I wasn’t), it also might be because I have nothing to write (haha hell yeah), or maybe my internet connection was down (Yeah, goodwill of a neighbour, giving me free unlimited wifi for over a week now).

As we went out the college gate on the last day of exam, everyone was discussing their plan for summer. Some were going home, some were going for vacation, some for internship, and so on. When asked what I will be doing during the 2 months break, I told them that I would be in Delhi and that I do not have any big plans. But seriously hey, I do not usually make plans. I take each day with what life gives me.

And so the holidays began, we do not come to college anymore, we do not see each other’s faces anymore. Yet we are all connected through Facebook. Very soon, updates from friends with status like “hooooooommmmeeeeeeeee….”, “finally”, “Paris J’arrive ”, etc. filled my news-feed. Some were checking in at IGI International Airport, some at New Delhi Railway Station and some at an airport in another country. Soon, they started uploading their photos with location tag – Shimla, Darjeeling, Andaman, New York, etc. That whole time I was in Delhi, the temperature rising each day. The headline today reads – “Delhi’s hottest day in 15 years”. Another one reads – “Delhi heating up, hotter and hotter”. The next day headline – “Delhi mercury to rise higher”, and so on.

It might be fair to call myself a movie buff. The kind of movie genre I watched is not constant. At this time, it is Hollywood rom-com that top my list, followed by action, drama, documentary or just anything Hollywood except horror which I have no taste.

Though it might seem strange to some that I cannot speak Hindi even though I am an Indian, I came from that corner of the country where Hindi is not spoken so it is quiet natural that I do not know how to speak Hindi. Party because of my alienation to the language, I was never a fan of Bollywood, and I do not know what intrigued me but during the past two weeks, I have managed to watch over 20 Bollywood movies. With subtitles, everything seem okay. An interesting thing about watching Bollywood movies is that there are scenes from places I have been to or seen with my eyes, being in the capital of the country.

So anyway, I still have around a month and a half until the new semester starts. My brother has been telling me I should work a part-time job and earn some for my pocket money. I come from a low-income middle class family and my wants are not easily fulfilled. Being the youngest in the family, I think I am a spoiled and pampered child as my parents usually say ‘yes’ to almost anything I asked. Yet deep inside, I have this feeling of the struggles they go through to meet my demands. I am often told by my brother to get a job at a call centre (the easiest for someone in my place with no knowledge of Hindi) and buy myself some new clothes or other things I have been longing for long. But for some unexplained reasons, I choose not to.

With the temperature ever increasing, I am thinking of some unusual plan. I want to travel. Though I haven’t really traveled to much places, I am going to start one soon and this one and a half month holidays seem like the perfect break to go for one.


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