College Rant – Adieu Seniors

The academic year 2013-2014 for Undergrads at the University of Delhi will end soon. For those students who are graduating this semester, it will mark the end to their college life while for the rest, there is going to be a very long break. This post is a herald of the things to come.

Very soon, there will be no lectures to attend, the class-rooms will be empty, the campus will be deserted; and not to forget, no more setting the alarm clock to 6:30 in the morning to attend the 8:45 class where I failed 90% of the attempts to do so. Before everything comes to an end, before my seniors graduate, I thought why not write a little something of my freshman year in college. Though only a year has passed, and I still have three two more years to be in college, I will no more be a freshman as the new batch of students come. Life will move on, things will change, and it will not be the same.

There is a time and a season for everything. I still remember the first day I came to this college, everything was strange and new. I remember how I ran from block to block searching for my classroom because the time table was not yet released. When I finally got in to one of those bamboo-classrooms, we were made to introduce ourselves, and yes, let me admit it was awkward. I don’t really remember how many names or faces I remember that day, and strangely, a year has passed since then.

During those initial days, before I could remember or recognize faces of my classmates or friends, I would sit in the foyer and look for familiar faces. I know no one. Yet, I was not the only who was looking so lost. I saw people sitting alone in the foyer, thinking, dreaming, or whatever is on their mind. I tried saying hi, hello, my name is so and so…to them. We introduced each other about ourselves, where we are from and other conversation starters. Strangely enough, close to 90% of those whom I talked to do not believe me when I said I was an Indian. The question about my identity is unending and ludicrous at times. As a top colleges in the University, I was not expecting this much load of ignorance about where I come from. Sometimes, to save from the trouble of making a fool of myself in trying to make them understand, I simply tell them that I am a Thai, or Filipino or Burmese or Chinese and this response seem to be more convincing than the truth.

[Fast forwarded. December. End of Semester I.]

Come January and the new semester begin, I am now in the second Semester. Delhi’s winter is hard to measure. The chill, the morning classes, it bite us hard (but well remembering those days NOW in summer, it is something far more soothing anyway). Then, NEXUS – my college annual fest came. We rocked and had fun…so much of it.

Assignments, projects and presentations followed. I do not blame the FYUP of the University of Delhi, I am neither an anti-FYUP nor a pro-FYUP, but seriously the many foundations courses are ridiculous. Though they don’t carry much credits, and aren’t a heavy load for end semester exam, yet the assignments and projects and presentations are overwhelming. They ate up many precious hours. I had the busiest weeks in ages, to meet all those deadlines.

Somewhere during this semester, I happened to made friends with two seniors. We came from the same district in Manipur. Though we have met last semester, it was only this time that we get to know each other well. There has been many missed lectures, timeless hours in the college lawn and the canteen and in Satya Niketan. They are graduating and this is partly the reason why it won’t be the same when they are gone.

Though some classes are still going on, many have completed theirs and students don’t come to college anymore. They would rather laze in their room at home than to beat the heat. There seem to be no spring in Delhi, but just winter and summer. Some professors are trying their best to complete the syllabus by taking in lots of extra classes, but many don’t turn up for class. My apologies for writing this in the library’s reading room while a lecture is going on. I can be silly. Like yesterday, I realized I did not attend even a single lecture only after I reached home.

As the session comes to an end, I want to tell my seniors that they shall be missed and I wish them Bon Voyage for the journey that lies ahead.


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