Thank you March

I have no idea what motivates me to write this today. I know it has been a long time since I last updated this blog. Life seems so unfair, truckloads of assignments, projects presentations and whatnot flood in endlessly. I haven’t written anything in a while and while I have lots to share, I don’t know which one to write about. Time comes and go, and today is 1st April. Time was never this fast, I still remember those early years when waiting for Christmas seems forever. Time was so slow then, but as I grew up, time certainly has had some upgrades.

The past month was overwhelming. Thank you March, you have been an amazing month, from the start till the end. Many memorable things happened and those memories will go a long way in my mind as I traveled along this road called life.

NEXUS, my college annual fest was on the 27-28 February to 1st March this year. Since this is the first ever college fest for me, I cannot judge how the fest was. A lot of things happened over those 3 days and all I can say is amazing.

Concert by a Jazzy B on the last day

The Mid-Semester break began in mid-March, a time every students longed for; to catch up with missed lectures by self study or photocopying notes for missed classes, spent sleepless night to complete assignments and projects on time. I planned to follow up the class for the missed lectures and got myself books from the college library. However, when the break actually began, I changed my mind and instead sleep for hours for all the sleep I have been deprived of. Being an off-campus student, attending the 8:45 class in the morning was near impossible. During the break, there are days when I found myself waking up at 1 or 2 in the afternoon. There are days when I do nothing productive by playing Candy Crush (FYI, I have been stuck at level 183 for 2 weeks now). I did read a novel or two, and that was all. Mid semester break ended. Period.

Due to all the crazy loads of assignments, projects and presentation, my schedule was very hectic and to tell you honestly, I didn’t have time even to have my dinner or get enough hours of sleep at times. I am writing this today, but this does not meant that my assignments or other college related works are all done. Indeed, this week might happened to be the busiest week of all. I still have 3 presentations and 2 projects to be completed before the 4th of April. Sigh.


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