nothing interesting, really

Before I began this short update, let me confess that there is nothing interesting in this post, so if you want to stop, I’d save you your 1 minute of this update.

Though this isn’t the first post that I am putting up in 2014, I still feel that this is the first. If you have read my last post which came up a few days after the new year, you will know why. If you haven’t, you can read it by clicking on this link here. That post was meant to be updated in 2013, before the new year. So this is this official first post of the year. Happy New Year.

I am in the college reading room and this look like the best thing I could do right now. It is now more than a week to the new year, the semester has started and yet I still haven’t been able to collect myself up and get into my normal schedule. The simple thought that this is 2014, a new year, I am still so excited to go back to normal.

The new semester has started and I am back to college. It has been more than a week to the new semester, yet the campus seem to not have noticed that it is time for another hectic semester. From what I can see, I can tell at ease that many who went home for the holidays hasn’t return. Being in Delhi and winter is a wonderful combination, it is way too cold to be inside the classroom in the early hours though. No matter how many layers of clothes you had on, you will still be able to feel the chilly hands of winter. I can see many students standing in the sun, and not in their classroom. The weather of Delhi must have been too cold to them, or so I guess.

2 thoughts on “nothing interesting, really

  1. Robinson Kipling says:

    Don’t hate me because I forgot your birthday. Hate me, because I’m a genius and you know that I wasn't the best student in history class, right? Anyway hope you had a great time with your near and dear one.And last warning don't forget to invite me next time huh..!!


  2. Kakho says:

    You are not the only one who'd forgotten my birthday, Facebook has killed us all. I changed my birthday on my profile to check if anybody will remember without facebook reminding them; no f**kng body. Okay, I will hate you for being a genius… haha. We did had a great time, as you might have seen from the photos and the slideshow 😛 I will remember your warning and do the needful next time 😀


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