The 2013 Closing Report

Let me start off by admitting how lazy I am. Gaps between posts prove how true it is. Today being the last day of the year, the 365th day of 2013, I had so much to write finally. Before I even realized, 2014 is here. Years come and go, leaving memories behind. So many things have happened this in the past year, most were amazing dotted with few regrets. The year 2013 was a wonderful year for me. It was one of the best years of my life. I was able to accomplished a ton of things, and what surprised me most is that many of those things happened were unexpected as well as spontaneous. Starting from the first, my share of 365 days were well spent. Let me see how much I can remember about the year. There are many things I might have missed in the list which are worth mentioning, apologies for that.

To start with, in the first week of January, I along with some friends successfully organized a “Career Guidance” seminar back at my hometown and a cousin’s wedding that same week.

I came to Delhi for the first time on the 18th of January 2013, passing hills and mountains and rivers, a place so far away from home. This was not even in my dream. It was the biggest surprise, not just to me but to everyone. No one believed me when I said I was in Delhi. I came to Delhi without any fixed plan to do. After the initial joy, without much friends, I was bored. Many of the people I know worked night shift (US time) in call centres. The few others who were students were busy with their classes. I was all alone most of the time. Since I came from a place where Hindi is not spoken, the language was totally unknown to me. I lied. I took up Hindi till upto Class V, armoring me with the knowledge of reading the alphabet but I never managed to learn beyond that. I cannot speak the language, and I find that to be not comfortable enough to go about the city all alone by myself.

In March, I accomplished a number on my wishlist with bitter sweet memories. For as long as I can remember, I had a dream of earning for myself and not always depend on my parents. Though this could have been easier to accomplished later in life, with much time in hand, I started searching for a job and finally landed with one, at a call centre. A job at a call centre is the easiest to find in the city for someone fresh out of school and without knowledge of Hindi. Guess what, I quit after two months, but I did accomplished the wish.

June came, accompanying with the heat of Delhi’s summer. Finishing my initial plan of staying in Delhi for 5 months and future plan of attending college in Manipur, I booked my ticket back home. Two days before the journey, my parents called and it was a shocking moment for me. They wanted me to do graduation in Delhi and not in Manipur. My dad start his lecture of all the good things about Delhi. He had been to Delhi for a wedding in the 2007 (I’m not really sure) and the city must have created some good impression on him. Heck, my grandfather came to Delhi in 1970s as a delegate of my tribe to Republic Day Celebration.

Very soon, the admission at the University of Delhi started. Since my parents wanted me to stay in Delhi, out of the many universities in the city, I choose to do my graduation in DU. The admission to DU began very soon, but it came with sky-high cut-offs. I met the cut-off in English to one of my preferred college in the second list. Being from a different state board, there were complications but I finally managed to get a seat at Venky.

College soon began and life starts rolling into places. Days passed, turning into months and here we are, standing at the edge, with a new year ahead.

2013 has taught me a lot of things. First, it taught me that it is perfectly okay to live life as it comes. Not living, but seeing Delhi alone was a dream for me, a dream I hope to accomplished in the distant future, (after my retirement, maybe). Like a dream, I came to Delhi, lived for five months, booked ticket to go back home, changed plan, and now hooked to stay in Delhi for the next three years or maybe even more.

In September, when a friend of mine got sick and was admitted to hospital, and the more recent one in November when my brother got sick, I realized the importance of good health and the need to remain healthy in a land really far away from home.

Four pairs of shoes, three pants and four shirts; and a phone – pray they all landed on safe hands. I had a surprise one evening after I came back from college to find some of my clothes missing. Either someone had breached our door, or had climbed from the window to my apartment and then left with his find. Another time, my phone was stolen at a train station. I agreed this was due to my carelessness. The year 2013 had taught me to be more careful and to learn to adapt the life in a city.

The year also taught me the value of money; how hard it is to earn and how easy it is to spent. In the month of April, I got my scholarship for 2012 from my state, another scholarship and the little paycheck from the job I did back in March, the whole amount totaling to over twenty thousand i.e. ~ $350, which was, well, a big amount for me. After doing some upgrade to my laptop and buying a cheap smart phone, my pocket was soon empty. Being from a not-well-to-do family, I am very conscious about my expense. To reach my college, I take the bus or the metro, and the auto at times when I am late for lectures. Most of the time, I am broke and there is no one to put the blame on.

There are more things but for now, I want to say thank you 2013 for a great year.

By the way, it is always better late than never: Happy New Year

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